Sina, age 20


-Girls invoke generations of maritime culture and history,


Crustaceans l Artist Statement


My work of girls holding lobsters entitled “Crustaceans” recalls pictures of fishermen standing valiantly with their trophies. This ‘Big Catch’ motif has resurfaced as a cultural trend for men on social media and dating websites.  In this ongoing series, each girl is photographed in consecutive summers with the Bay of Fundy as the backdrop. The lobster represents a way of life in St. George, New Brunswick, Canada - a small community of 2800, without even a single traffic light. In the last two years lobstering is booming with the advent of overnight flights to Asia.


While each of these girls invoke generations of maritime culture, each adds her own personal flair as well. They stand their ground with strength and handle the lobsters with determination: some cradle, some squirm, some raise it aloft triumphantly. As the series builds and layers, the portraits reveal the intimate process of growing up: learning to cope with strange, spiky situations, discovering how to hold on to the things that matter, and finding a voice. Taking their places among the women of our political era, these girls fill the frame and insist, “our stories matter too.”


The juxtaposition of a young girl and a prehistoric animal is enigmatic and mythical - beauty meets the beast, and on her own terms. Consequently, an integral aspect of this series is the title of each photograph: the girl’s name and age.