Quién? Qué? Dónde?

Eleanor, age 6 © 2016 from my portfolio Crustaceans, is selected for Quién? Qué? Dónde? on exhibit at the Lafayette City Center Passageway, a satellitte Gallery of the Griffin Museum of Photography.
70 Photographers
June 10 – September 30, 2018


“Quién? Qué? Dónde?” means  “Who? What? Where?” in Spanish.  Spanish is one of the worlds’ most commonly spoken languages and is often chosen as the second language one learns. The name was chosen for this portrait exhibition in order to underscore the complexities of all of our diverse roots. A portrait photograph can inspire many questions and if we look hard and long enough, the answers as well.  Juror's statement by Paula Tognarelli.


Susan Lapides